If you thought Dracula was the OG vampire novel, then you’ve been sadly duped, my friend. Twenty-six years before Bram Stoker brought us the insidious Count, J. Sheridan Le Fanu blessed the masses with the wicked, vampiric seductress Carmilla. When hapless lady Laura meets Carmilla, an enticing — if strangely off-putting — young woman, the two become intimate confidantes. But little does Laura realize, Carmilla has bloodthirsty secrets…

This novel has it all. Lesbian romance centuries ahead of its time? YUP. Spine-tingling horror? YUP. Even an introduction by the fabulous Carmen Maria Machado?! You better believe it. Say goodbye to #TeamEdward and hello to #TeamCarmilla -Evelyn Maguire

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, paperback, 144 pages