Young in the Mountains

Montana Sapphire Solitaire Set


 A truly unique set featuring a Montana sapphire solitaire and separate crown style ring with dinosaur bone inlay and white diamond. 

Young In The Mountains is the Denver-based atelier of artist Mariele Ivy. Specializing in lapidary and responsible material sourcing, Young in the Mountains uses 100% USA mined inlay, recycled diamonds and miner direct sapphires. Each piece is handmade in Denver, Colorado by a team of skilled artisans. 

.75 carat Montana Sapphire, Yellow Gold, White Diamond, Dinosaur Bone Inlay

approximate size 6.5, resizable up/down 3 sizes 

Shipping Note: All Young in the Mountains jewelry will be shipped via USPS with signature delivery confirmation, please ship to an address where signature is available.